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Spicy Nuts Testimonials


The “Spicy Nuts” distributed by Special Foods By Fuller and made by Steph & Nard’s were such a hit over the Christmas and New Year’s Day celebrations. The “Spicy Nuts” totally exceeded my expectations of freshness and taste. They prepare the “Spicy Nuts” with their own chosen

and secret ingredients bursting with flavors. It is refreshing and satisfying. This is a must for any occasion. You can't go wrong!"

Lydia C.Vega

I’ve had the privilege of eating many of Special Foods By Fuller’s scrumptious meals. The food is seasoned to perfection, and it doesn't require any additional seasonings. And the Steph & Nards nuts, they are so delicious. I can't eat spicy foods, so a special batch of non-spicy nuts were made for me. I did purchase the spicy nuts as Christmas stocking stuffers for my family. They were a hit at our Christmas Eve family get together. I would highly recommend using Special Foods By Fuller at your next event."

Cathy Phifer

District of Columbia

For the past several years, various people at my place of employment have received the most delicious spiced nuts from our associates at Millennium 3 Management (M3M) — I really look forward to them. When a co-worker retired and the nuts were sent to the office for her, I quickly claimed them. One year, upon arriving home, my husband told me that I received a package from a company called M3M. I whooped with joy, because I knew the delights which awaited me. M3M purchases these delicious nuts from Steph & Nard’s Quality Snack Foods. I would highly recommend you do the same, you’ll not regret it!"

Patti Carney


The spicy nuts are wonderful! They're fresh, delicious and a great variety of nuts."

V. Hunter

South Carolina

We truly enjoyed the Steph & Nard’s Spicy Nuts during the holidays, and other days as well. The spicy nuts were mixed just right and pleasant to eat alone or with our favorite drink. Literally, there are no boring bites around here! These are worth adding to your basket for an entirely addictive mix of quality spicy nuts. Just the right balance to keep you ordering more, the next time.  Amazing!!! We would buy again for sure."

Sandra and Donald


Thank you so much for the lovely tin of nuts! I LOVE these. Amazing!"

Lucinda Duncalfe

New York

I have enjoyed Steph & Nard's spicy nuts for a few years. Whenever I get a bag or tin,

I try to leave them in my car so

I don't devour them in one sitting! However that trick doesn't always work. :-)

They are that good!!!"

R. Sloan


My family enjoys Steph & Nard’s nuts! I order them every Christmas and give them to family members.

Joyce P.


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